Imagine you are driving along a road when you approach a fork ahead.

The road to the left is a route you are very familiar with but there is a sign over it saying “Long Delays”.

The road to the right, you are not familiar with but it has a sign above it saying “Scenic Route”.

Which one would you choose?

I imagine most people would choose not to sit in an endless traffic jam, where you feel trapped in your car, and worry about all kinds of things – when will I get there? will I run out of petrol? will my phone battery die? what if I need to find a loo?

You decide that even though it is unfamiliar, the scenic route will still get you to your destination, and you trust in your ability to follow signs or ask for directions.
Everybody’s destination is the same – we are all trying to get to Happiness. Yet, every single day we do the opposite and choose to take the fork marked “Long Delays”, simply because it is familiar and we are actually afraid of the unknown.

We are familiar with being angry, being resentful, complaining, feeling irritated or inconvenienced, demanding justice and fairness, needing to be right, blaming others, lying, gossiping, hating, judging others, being opinionated, speaking ill of, being spiteful or unkind.

All of the above behaviours keep us trapped in unhappiness. We have nowhere to go because we are stuck in an endless queue of things getting in our way. The delay feels really long.

Imagine the freedom of making progress, of moving forwards, of enjoying a scenic view, of experiencing new outlooks, and different surroundings.

Imagine the freedom of not feeling trapped or stuck and having the confidence to keep asking for directions in order to experience continuing to move forwards.

The “Scenic Route” involves embracing unconditional love.

The “Long Delay” route involves staying stuck in fake love.

Only you can decide which one you want to take.