A magnet is a material or an object that creates a magnetic field. This field is invisible but it creates a force that either attracts or repels other magnets. If you try and push together the same poles of two magnets, you can easily feel this repellant force, that pushes the two magnets apart. If you turn one of the magnets around, they will immediately attract and hold together.

The same applies to the laws of the universe in a marriage. If you try and implement the laws of the universe in the wrong way, you will create a repellant force between you. If one of you turns completely around, you will create a beautifully attractive force that will hold your marriage together firm and true.

Take for example, the law of trust. The world believes that trust is earned. If you have two people together who both believe that trust needs to be earned, then you actually create a repellant force between you. But, if one of you turns this around, to the true meaning of the law of trust, then you will create an attractive force between you.

So, what is the true way to implement the law of trust?

Trust does not have to be earned. Trust has to be given.

If you require that another person earn your trust, or has to prove they are trustworthy, you are relying on somebody else to do something, that they may not be able to do, or because they are human, might do poorly or inconsistently. Instead of becoming dependant on what another person does, you can independently decide that you are going to take on this responsibility yourself. So, you have total control here and you decide to freely give your trust to others. Now you are in control of your own happiness, instead of running the risk of being let down or disappointed when others do something that breaches the trust they have earned.

So, what are you going to trust them for, or to do. Quite simply, they are human. They are flawed, prone to mistakes, imperfect yet still amazing human beings. So, all you need to trust is that in any one moment they are doing the best that they can. If they could do any better, they would and if in any moment they get things wrong or completely screw things up, they are still doing the best that they can.

For reasons that you may have absolutely no idea about, they might be having a really bad day. They might do something mad, crazy, insane, out of character, thoughtless, selfish or rude. But despite all of that, in that moment, they are still doing the best that they can.

Turn your magnet around the opposite way and you will create attractive not repellant feelings in you. Choose to give your trust to others in a way that is opposite to the way the rest of the world requires that people earn trust. This way, you will no longer be poles apart in your marriage.