Pete Uglow Reviews

Confidentiality is really important to us – so, we never reveal the identity of our clients. However, these testimonials are all 100% genuine.

Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart

“My husband’s infidelity rocked my world. I have never felt so alone, so unwanted or so unattractive in my life. My family and my friends kept telling me what a useless man I had married and that I deserved more, but it didn’t help. In fact it made things worse!

But with Pete’s help I have learned that I do matter and because I now know that, I have been able to learn how to help my husband feel important too. The changes have been truly amazing. I absolutely know that he will never be unfaithful to me again and words can’t convey this feeling. Our world is now understandable and we have a blueprint for our relationship going forwards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Shining A Light For Me

“Once in a while, just when your world seems dark and unfathomable, someone shines a light in a way that changes everything. You did that for me Pete and I’ll be forever grateful!”


I Left Floating On Cloud Nine

“I’m not really a testimonial writer. I would usually only be inspired to write if I was particularly unhappy about something, but in this case I am so very impressed, not to mention relieved and hopeful, that I felt compelled to share.

My husband and I were struggling and it looked like the end of the road for our marriage when we found the website. I really liked what I heard when I spoke with Pete and he took the time to reassure my husband that coaching wouldn’t be the excruciating experience he feared. And it wasn’t. Not at all. He made us both feel understood and cared for, before gently guiding us towards the prospect of a happier infidelity-free future together. I left floating on cloud nine. “
S. T.

Turning Point Of Our Entire Lives

“My wife and I discovered Pete at probably the lowest point of our marriage, but I now look back on that time as being the turning point of our entire lives. My wife was clearly telling me how unloved she felt by the behaviours she was exhibiting and in my own unloved state I chose to feel hurt and angry.

Pete helped us see what we were doing to each other and that in trying to ‘get’ love from each other and elsewhere, we were only succeeding in driving the real thing away.
We have had to relearn our whole view of the world, of what people’s behaviours are telling us and how our own behaviour gives away our emptiness. It has created an amazing bond between my wife and I and it has been a completely life changing experience.”

I Will Never Go Back To That Behaviour Again

“Embracing the principles I have been taught and feeling unconditionally accepted, has enabled me to understand exactly why I had affairs and also to find the ability to tell the truth about them, without feeling that I would be judged, embarrassed or blamed. It has also ensured I will never go back to that behaviour again.”


I Was Convinced My Husband Was A Narcissist

“I was convinced (my husband) was a narcissist. You read so much stuff on the internet about abusive narcissists and sociopaths and when they’ve cheated on you it makes you feel better to think they fit that description. (He) certainly lacked empathy and he didn’t seem to be showing any remorse, so he had to be didn’t he? Turns out – NO! – (he) just needed to feel unconditionally loved and now he’s the loving husband he was when we first met.”


This Course Has Been Eye Opening

“I’ve spent my whole life making money into my God. I see now that this was at the expense of my family. This course has been eye opening”

I Actually Don’t Regret Having The Affair

“Several months ago I cheated on my husband with a guy from work. It meant nothing to me but it absolutely killed my husband. I couldn’t really understand why because my husband often behaved as if he didn’t even like being married to me.

It wasn’t until Pete Uglow explained everything to me that I could make sense of it all. We both lacked unconditional love and that was why we each behaved as we did. What a lightbulb moment.
Pete, I am so grateful for what you have done to help us rebuild our relationship. We are already closer than we have ever been and I actually don’t regret having the affair because it has led to this level of connection. “

A Creeping Realisation

“I’m Learning so much from this course and I have this slow creeping realisation that how my Mum and Dad parented me is responsible for a lot of my issues.”

A New Start For Both Of Us

“It hurt so bad. I suspected he was cheating for months before he told me, but when he did I feel apart!!! My childhood was awful. I came into this world unwanted and then it seems hes telling me he doesn’t want me either. But that wasn’t true. It’s just what it felt like.

Pete’s course helped me to see my whole life differently and now we are working at putting unconditional love at the heart of our marriage. I’m so much happier. We both are.”


The Program Is Incredible!

“Pete – the program is incredible. We are only three days in and benefiting greatly. Couples who aren’t “getting over affairs” should also being doing this course!

Thanks Pete for putting together this program – saving marriages one couple at a time.”


Our connection has been renewed

“Since the coaching with you, a lot of things have changed for my husband and me. Our connection has been renewed and we feel so much closer to each other now. It gave us back a sense of power in the knowing that we can have a beautiful relationship and do the things that please us, not others. We are talking more about our feelings and have more considerations for each other’s emptiness barometer. The affair partner has also backed off after I have explained in an email that he and I have decided to stay together.

The big thing for me was that I was able to drop the mental images and comparisons of the affair. It felt good to be free of them, and as you suggested I am not allowing them back in.

So, thank you for holding us in love and showing us a new way in having a loving relationship!”


Some Course Realisations

I can see how [my wife’s] need for sex is about her feeling an inner emptiness. I fill my own emptiness with alcohol, food and work. Interesting.”


His calm and quiet conversation with me sparked hope

“We were the perfect couple, that’s what everyone thought, and we did too! My whole life was perfect. I was raised perfectly, or so I thought… until all the perfection exploded into little bits of years of pent up anger, victimhood and pain.

My husband had an affair and all my world crumbled.
I desperately tried to keep us together and it got worse as I tried helping him be accountable, still not trusting him, making sure my friends and family app was monitoring his every move. This behaviour was not building love and trust it was pushing him away.
I then connected with Pete Uglow and from the first moment I spoke with him and shared some of my drama, his calm and quiet conversation with me sparked hope. I felt no shame, guilt or fear. I liked feeling this way and wanted to know how to feel better.
We started our journey in finding what loving looks like my hurt, anger and heart healed. It now seems like a million years ago…
There are moments that I just look up and am so grateful for finding the road to real happiness.

As I look back over the last couple of years I’m thankful for my journey, the hard and prickly bits, and now the joy and peace I feel is priceless. I’m grateful for the lifetime I have to grow and experience unconditionally loving my husband. ”


I Don’t Actually Know Who I am Anymore!

“As I do this work and go through this course, I realise that I don’t actually know who I am any more. But that’s not a bad thing – I was clearly an opinionated, ungrateful t** before!”


I Feel So Much Clearer

“I need to explain all this to my boys. I think they will understand better what I did then. I feel so much clearer.”


I Wish I Could Do The Intervention Over Again!

“Oh wow. What can I say? I started the coaching program a broken woman. I was in so much pain after I discovered my husband had an affair, I didn’t know how I could ever move on.

I can’t thank Pete and Nikki enough for opening my eyes. I now understand the emptiness which drove my husband’s behaviours and the emptiness which kept me stuck in my own patterns of behaviour.
Despite initially thinking that the programme was expensive, we have actually saved much more than that by avoiding divorce and cutting out the need to continue to pay for things which were really only burying our emptiness and buying a better feeling.
G.T. (anonymity preserved)

This Is The Missing Piece

“Becoming aware of all this has hit the nail on the head for me. This is the missing piece that I’ve unknowingly been searching for all my life and I’m so grateful I found this course and you Pete.”

I Feel Bad That I Was So Rude To You

“Pete, I hope you are having a wonderful, bright, sunny weekend with your family. That you feel relaxed, energised, excited and at peace. And I hope that everyone else is as healthy as can be. You are such a remarkable person, and I am immensely grateful for knowing you. I wanted to take a few moments to write to you because I’m alone this weekend and have had a chance today to slow down and reflect.

You saved our family last year, not a day goes by that I don’t think about you, and quite few when my husband and I don’t talk about you. He says that you are the best decision he ever made, and I concur, same for me. We are super powered these days, in comparison to what we were. Low points and stumbles happen, we had a pretty important one the other day and we just resolved it beautifully. Neither of us felt threatened by the other and we naturally focussed on identifying the fears, insecurities, tolerations and lack of directional action and what we could do to get rid of them over time, not worrying about getting and protecting behaviours in the meantime. It was so cool, and it all comes from you.
I feel bad that I was so rude to you when we started the conversations, I know that you knew that it came from pain and hopefully you were entirely immune to it. In any case, I am sorry and please know that you’ve given us so much, and that we carry on in our lives with Pete tools in our pockets and only smiles for you in our thoughts. “

I Finally Understand

“I finally understand what’s been wrong with our relationship – neither of us has been good at sharing the truth about ourselves.
This course has been instrumental in changing the entire nature of our relationship”

It’s Not Always Been Easy

“At the start of my journey with Pete’s coaching I was emotionally shutdown, had no idea of my personal preferences and was prone to episodes of burnout. Worse still I was suffering physical affects of anxiety on my body such as chronic pain and tiredness. In my relationship I would go around in cycles of drama and never really knew how to get the sort of connection I really craved with my partner.

I had previously tried conventional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for a couple of years and had read widely on the subject looking for a solution. I was actually introduced to Pete by a friend and immediately felt a realisation that what he was saying not only made sense but connected ideas and concepts with a unifying force, the force of Love. The concept of Unconditional Love was completely foreign to me initially, no one talks about the “L” word and yet we know deep down that it’s what we all crave.
Learning about this concept from Pete was a process of feeling acceptance and empathy from him but also totally unique because of Pete’s instinctive communication skills, these allow him to explain concepts in a way you’ll take on board.
The process for me was totally life changing, I’m not kidding, the concepts I have learned and implemented have changed my life. It has not always been easy, it was sometimes uncomfortable and hard but the rewards of connection and love within my life are priceless and worth it.
If you are really ready to learn how to make your life the way you always hoped then Pete can help guide you.”

We Are Really Talking To Each Other Now

“Pete, I just wanted you to know how insanely valuable this course has been to our entire family and we haven’t even completed it yet. I know you said that success was down to us and how much we wanted to make changes but how can we not want to after learning the truth behind all the stuff we were doing before? An added bonus is that its helped us see how chaotic our lives were and how bad it was for the kids. We are really talking to each other now and not superficially either – this truth telling gets quite deep and dare I say it, freeing!”

We Can’t Thank You Enough

“Thanks to what we’ve learned with you, we’ve been sharing a lot of words and thoughts and closeness. Funny how this has brought a level of closeness to our relationship that we had been missing and it was right away. Of course we have much healing and rediscovery ahead but we can’t thank you enough”
S.T. & T.T.

The happiness we are experiencing now has been so worth everything we have had to push through

“When I discovered the website I was filled with hope, but before completing the questionnaire, I admit to feeling reluctant to enter my details as I was afraid I was committing myself to something and that these people would now know something quite personal about me and my husband.

I went ahead after some considerable soul searching and I am so glad I did. It was no doubt, the best decision of my life.
The journey we have been on since that fateful decision has been incredible. I can’t say it’s always been easy, but the happiness we are experiencing now has been so worth everything we have had to push through.”
C.N. (anonymity preserved)

Without Pete’s Help We Would Not Be Together Today

“We are truly grateful for all the loving guidance offered by Pete Uglow that has helped transform our marriage, without this we would not be together today.

Pete has the ability to explain clearly and simply what causes the confusion that can lead to conflict in any relationship.
Before we were fortunate enough to meet Pete, our marriage was turbulent, and unfulfilling. The connection between us had gone and we were living parallel lives drifting further apart. Pete helped us to see our personal responsibility in this and how it had contributed to the breakdown of our relationship. With his loving guidance Pete helped us to see the true source of the pain we were experiencing, the lack of unconditional love throughout our lives that we had each brought with us to our marriage. With this knowledge, Pete helped us to see one another more clearly and to understand our behaviour towards one another. With this understanding and the unconditional acceptance of Pete, it allowed us to heal individually and also to heal together as our anger and fear melted away helping us to build a closer, loving relationship. We learned that making mistakes is a necessary part of learning and growing.
The journey was not all smooth sailing as we each have had to face hard truths, throughout Pete was there caring about each of us and teaching us a happier way to live. Nowadays we have a stronger, happier marriage and any trials are dealt with in a loving, calm way that was not possible before. We still make mistakes and it will be an ongoing journey as we learn and grow together with the knowledge of true principles essential to all relationships, both at home and at work. Pete was there loving and guiding us along the way as we grew on our journey to experience the peace, love and joy that had been missing in our marriage before we met him.”
G.H. & S.H.

This Course Is Great!

“This course is great! I had no idea that each time I am unloving to [my wife] I drain my own battery. It has been eye opening to learn that each time I am afraid or do something to just ‘feel better’ in the moment, I am draining my battery too. Thanks Pete”

By the time we had left, we were filled with the most amazing feelings of love for each other 

“I could write pages, I’m so delighted by the changes in my life. A year ago I had cheated on my wife and thought my marriage was over. I felt ashamed but knew that our relationship was in such a bad way that there was little hope of it ever bringing either of us happiness. Thankfully, my wife found the Get Over An Affair website and sent for their ebook which showed us how to start the process of recovery.

With lots of trepidation and a healthy dose of scepticism if I’m honest, we attended the three day intervention.
By the time we had left, we were filled with the most amazing feelings of love for each other and hope for our future together. I realised how much I didn’t want our marriage to be over and knew that I had work to do to make my wife feel special again.
Today we are so much happier. I have learned to love every little thing about my wife and she is learning to love everything about me! The feeling between us is incredible”.

Highly Professional And Respectful

“I can fully endorse Pete Uglow as an excellent relationship coach. I learnt life changing principles from Pete and whilst they were serious and important, his style is also fun and very engaging.

Prior to an intervention with Pete I experienced many difficulties in my relationship and in my family. I was often restless and unfilled and I was definitely not happy in my own skin”. I would also frequently blame other people for how I felt and I didn’t ever really take full responsibility for my life or my own choices. There is a wonderful video on You Tube called “Brene Brown On Blame”. That was me! Pete worked patiently with me helping me to make sense of such habits and behaviours which I had learnt over the course of my life and which were not serving me, my relationship or my family.
The way Pete works is accepting, non judgemental, supportive and most of all empowering. It was always clear that full responsibility for any changes I made in my life were mine and mine alone. Once I started to fully own the choices I made, even choices which I regretted or which resulted in painful experiences, I started to feel much less helpless and became much stronger and purposeful in my life. I gave up blaming others and Pete helped me see how I could learn from past mistakes rather than being imprisoned by them. It has been an incredibly liberating experience.
I have had both coaching and counselling previously in my life and found Pete’s coaching rates to be extremely competitive considering the amount of time, expertise and dedication he puts in to what is to a very tailored and uniquely individual coaching relationship. He also always been highly professional and respectful in his approach at all times.
In terms of outcomes from my coaching experience, I found my relationships with my family members improved dramatically over time including with my parents and my wider extended family. My relationship with my ex husband has also dramatically improved and we are now able to co-parent in ways which are much healthier for our two children. They have benefited hugely from this change. With Pete’s support in taking responsibility for my own happiness and my own choices I was also able to find a new and loving partner and my performance at work has improved too.
I have no hesitation in recommending anybody to work with Pete in whatever area of life they need help.”

This stuff rocks!

“December 2014 was probably the worst time of my life… and as you know it hadn’t been a great life before that!

Pete, the day my husband told me he had been seeing someone else just about ripped my heart out but, though it pains me to say it, I love him more now because of that betrayal. But then again that is only because of what you taught us. I’m crazy grateful but you know that because I keep telling you. This stuff rocks! “

You Were Listening To Me At Ground Zero

“Pete, your words were so helpful. You were listening to me at ground zero. And your response was spot on. We are beginning to recover and find each other again and that’s entirely thanks to the information you’ve shared with us.”


A Shift In Perspective

“Working with Pete has been genuinely life changing. He has taught me how to take more responsibility for my thoughts and feelings by unconditionally loving me through my craziness and all my imperfections as a human being! This shift in perspective has transformed my day to day life (including my relationship with my partner and son) and I feel so much more equipped to deal with the knocks that life frequently throws my way!

Pete has an amazing ability to see where I am emotionally before I have even said anything! He is a wonder and I’m so truly grateful for the love and wisdom he has shared with me. “

I Felt Understood

“I contacted Pete 3 years ago when I hit a very low point. It seemed that on paper my life should have been ‘perfect’ and I should be happy. Of course I made sure that it appeared so on social media. I had a long term partner, we were running a very successful business, we were living in our dream house, had two dogs, we were financially secure enough to be able to purchase designer clothes, fast cars, travel to the most exotic locations, and look forward to our wedding and having a family. Yet, I was dying inside. I hated myself for not understanding what’s wrong with me and why having everything most people would dream of I was still miserable. After speaking to Pete I recognised that one key ingredient was missing all my life – unconditional love.

I wouldn’t naturally call myself a trusting person, but after having my first few conversations with Pete, my icy exterior melted away, I felt understood, accepted and cared for like never before. He helped me to uncover and deal with deep rooted relationship and personal issues like past affairs, followed by a ton of resentment, anger, major insecurities. Most importantly Pete taught me not just the understanding/theory of unconditional love, but how to FEEL loved, how to FEEL good enough as I am, with all my flaws and imperfections, how to FEEL truly grateful and content.
Having Pete as my mentor has enriched my life dramatically. I encourage everyone, who feels like there is something missing in their lives and is willing to do some serious soul searching to contact Pete, you will not regret it!

Please Don’t Stop Sharing What You’ve Found Pete

“I was in a relationship for two and a half years. It was such a struggle to communicate or do anything whatsoever. Our relationship was toxic so we split up.

I decided to contact Pete Uglow, who I’d been told about by a friend. On speaking to him there was something different about him and the conversations we were having. When I spoke he never criticised me, he listened to everything I had to say with no judgement. He explained that life was conditional and that unconditional love was what I really wanted.
I decided that I wanted to find out more about unconditional love, so I decided to have an intervention, all my choice, with him.
Pete has helped me to find deep peace within myself and I continue to find peace, eventually marrying the person that I split from.
If it was not for Pete and his dear wife helping me, and my wife, I would be still be a very unhappy person and we would still have a toxic relationship.
Hey Pete, please don’t stop sharing what you’ve found.”

Feeling Deeply Connected

“Just wanted to share with you how happy I am right now. Feeling deeply connected to my family. Now I am so happy I don’t know what to do with myself… incredible, amazing, marvellous, – words are just not strong enough!”


He Was A Terrible Father In Every Way

“My Mum and Dad split up after my Dad had an affair and although I was very sad for Mum, I was glad because I didn’t get on with my Dad at all. It gave me the excuse I needed not to ever see him again. I found out they had coaching. When Dad asked to see me, I reluctantly agreed. What he said then absolutely transformed our relationship. He took full responsibility and admitted he had been a terrible father in every way. Since that day, my relationship with Dad has blossomed and now he is the father I always dreamed of having. I am really thankful that Mum and Dad are so happy too.”

K. S.

Emotionally Bruised And Scared

“I know how emotionally bruised and scared I felt when I stumbled across Pete’s website. That’s just a distant memory now and I can’t thank him enough for helping me learn to love my husband and overcome all my own pain too.”



My Life And Relationship Have Changed Phenomenally

“My coaching experience with Pete was second to none. I admit, I was skeptical about any form of counselling or self exploration, it was simply foreign to me. Now I can say, hand on heart, that I’m so glad that I chose to work with him. My life and relationship have changed phenomenally! I feel happier than I ever have done, and my relationship with my partner has just bloomed! We actually WANT to spend time together now, in fact we can’t get enough of each other!

When I usually read testimonials, I think, ‘Yeah right, as if they didn’t write that themselves!’ I don’t want this to sound like that. When I say Pete has changed my life, I do not exaggerate & I stand by my word. Every day was a struggle in our relationship & I felt certain that it couldn’t be fixed. Pete helped me look at and our relationship from a different perspective. I learnt more about myself than I ever thought I could, I’ll take that knowledge with me for life. He taught me how to really love and value myself, and my partner.”



I Want More

“Having spent the last year and a half learning more and more about unconditional love with Pete and learning to take more responsibility for my life, I wanted to continue my journey as I know there is much more that I can learn and discover about ME! I’ve also been amazed at the changes in my life and my relationship since starting this journey and I want more!!



Grateful And Blessed

“I wish to give you a big thank you for your love, help and support this year Pete. I feel very grateful and blessed to have you in my life. I really appreciate the time and effort. You have put into me a lot of effort.”


Accepting People

“I want to thank Pete Uglow and his lovely wife, Nikki, two of the most accepting people I have ever met in my life. What they shared with me and my husband, put our whole situation into perspective and showed us where it had all gone so very wrong.”


Someone Who Really Listened To Me

I’ll be honest, when my boss suggested I met with Pete Uglow to help me back into work after the affair, I wasn’t sure because I believed nothing would help me.The first thing I noticed was how good it was to talk to someone who really listened to me, didn’t pass judgement, just listened. After two days I began to realise how much better I felt and that I actually had hope that things could be different for me. It was actually the next day when I was explaining what unconditional love was all about to my partner, that the penny dropped and then I KNEW it was the way forward for us.

Three weeks on and I would say I am a completely different person to the one who walked in to Pete’s intervention room. I am back at work full-time and my fear and shame has virtually gone. I know its still early days but I would advise EVERYONE to do this. What’s the worst that could happen? The answer, nothing bad, only good!

A Life Of Happiness We Didn’t Even Know Existed

“Around 6 years ago I met Pete when I was searching for answers. I was staring down the barrel of a 2nd divorce. Knowing a fair bit about personal development I couldn’t understand why I found myself in this position.

It soon became obvious.
Then I had to take action.
At this point I decided to do whatever Pete suggested I needed to do to better understand myself and my wife. I ‘dived in’, attending seminars, reading and watching suggested material, and experiencing an intervention. At one point I was helped by written communication with Pete’s wife every day for 40 days straight, which was another great learning experience for me.
Unfortunately, it was too late to save my marriage, but there is no doubt that we parted company in a more loving way than if I had not been helped by Pete.
During this learning process I also realised how much expectation I’d been placing on my children, and how damaging this was for them and for our relationship.
At this stage the last thing I was looking for was another relationship. But life happens, and I met a woman who was also open to being coached. Armed with our new understanding, and guidance from Pete, we carefully and slowly started a relationship with a focal point of unconditional love. That was 5 years ago. Today we’re married and both of us are happier with life than either of us has ever been before.
The relationships that we now have with our children have also improved substantially as they see how calm, loving, and unconditional we are with them and with each other.
We highly recommend learning the relationship principles taught by Pete, it’s led us to a life of happiness that we didn’t even know existed.”

Filled With Hope

“Our journey has just started, but we are filled with hope. I am so glad we found unconditional love as it has changed everything. Thank you for three amazing days. We are truly grateful to you both and can’t wait to learn how to love each other better.”

L.K & J.K.

Nothing has given me results anywhere close

“Pete this has been a tough old journey but there have been so many highlights along the way to keep me reassured I’m on the right path. And I do know that this is the only path worth following because I’ve tried pretty much everything else and nothing has given me results anywhere close. ”

T. C.

This is maybe EXACTLY what you need

“Pete Uglow’s coaching method of being ‘direct’ was perfect for me, I had been trying for years to change things in my life and most coaches are soft when it comes to unconditionally loving others, however I learnt that being soft isn’t always unconditional love, it can actually be the opposite. Pete being direct was perfect to JOLT me into making serious changes in my life, to becoming a better person, to being more unconditionally loving myself and to seeing the world in a totally different way.
The year I invited him to coach me directly, has so far been my best year of personal improvement from a spiritual and a temporal sense.
If you’ve been trying to make changes for a while, this is maybe EXACTLY what you need.”

Freedom To Be Me

“When I first met Pete, I was a woman who didn’t like or trust men, or women, or, to be honest, anyone I didn’t know, maybe even a few people I did know. I always had to be right, because I WAS always right, I knew best, it was my way or no way. I was known by everyone who knew me as “The Queen bitch!” and I was proud of it. I enjoyed taking people down verbally, it made me feel powerful, in short I was not a very nice person unless it was my way. I was not happy, I was not living, I was existing, while I didn’t want to live, I certainly never thought of taking my own life, but I was disappointed when I awoke to face another day. A good day for me was a day I didn’t cry, a day where I didn’t want to just sit and watch TV stuffing myself with all sorts of ‘goodies’ until I felt sick, wait for it to pass and then carry on. I believed I was worthless, I was unlovable, I had two failed marriages, the one common denominator was me, ergo I was the one at fault, I was the one no one could, would love….then I met Pete.

I was not an easy person and I fought all the way, it took a while to accept that when Pete chose to love me as a human being, that was his choice and he truly, truly, didn’t want anything in return, this is unconditional love. Because of his love and guidance, teaching me how to overcome/work through my pain, my troubles, as I saw them, how to choose a better way to be, for myself, not Pete or anyone else, but for me, I now, for the first time in my 58 years of life, know what happiness is, I know what it is like to be unconditionally loved for who I am, not for what I can give.
Every day is miracle, I am so happy to be alive, to awake to a new wonderful day, a day full of opportunities to love others, to share the unconditional love that was given to me with my friends and family by simply loving them unconditionally. I rarely feel angry, which is such a blessing to me and my family, especially my grandchildren, where once they were afraid of Nanny because I shouted a lot and was angry, now they want to spend time with me, asking every time I see them when they can come and stay, they greet me with shouts of joy and run to me for a great big cuddle. None of this would have been possible without the love, guidance and support from Pete. He chose to love and teach me, he was there when I
needed it and he is still there. I no longer lie, and I now trust people, trust was a big one for me, but by choosing to trust Pete it put me on the path of a life changing experience.
I am almost 59, and for the last 3+ years of knowing Pete, I can honestly say that he has changed my life, or rather shown and taught me the skills, knowledge and information I needed to change my life for the better. I get to choose how to be, I get to choose who I am and where I am going, what path I walk along, and with all of this comes freedom, freedom from the stress and anxiety of trying to live my life for others, freedom to be me, what a gift!
I am eternally grateful to Pete for taking time for me, for choosing to love me as a fellow traveller in this world and wanting absolutely nothing in return. A wonderful example of unconditional love, I would not be where I am today if I had not met Pete. “

Restored My Faith In Humanity

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the greatest gift anyone could have shared with me – unconditional love. You’ve restored my faith in humanity. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching me how to live a life of freedom and happiness. I’ll never forget the most precious gift you have brought into my life and I will continue to practice and treasure it forever xxx ”


Thank you, thank you, thank you…. 

“Pete, thank you, thank you, thank you….

And yes I know!!! I don’t need to dramatise. One will do :)))”

It was perhaps the most courageous thing I had chosen to do with my life 

“I grew up to be a very knowledgeable independent successful women, I was taught well about finances, building a career, travelling the world. As I hit mid 20’s I was an accomplished young women with a successful career, home owner, experience of backpacking Europe and had many interests and friends alongside a long term partner.
However, I got to a point where this wasn’t enough in my life and started to look elsewhere for something to make me happy. I used alcohol, extreme sports, working ever harder and then eventually I started flirting with men other than my partner. This lead me to succumbing to the attention of a male colleague and committing infidelity.
My relationship ended and I was distraught. Nothing seemed to take the physical pain away that was in my chest. No amount of support from friends, no amount of working harder than before and no solution I found from various resources provided a relief from the emotional pain.Through a trusted friend and old business partner I came across Pete and Nikki Uglow and heard that they were offering support for those in relationship breakdowns. I immediately contacted them to find out more information. When I first heard about unconditional love I thought I knew what that meant so was suspicious however I felt there was something to it and Pete showed some qualities that I really admired and wanted to learn from.Bit by bit I learnt more about unconditional love and how I had misunderstood what unconditional love looked like in real life and most importantly I started to learn the FEELING of unconditional love. This proved to be life saving and over time Pete and Nikki provided support, love, encouragement, acceptance, guidance and everything in between. It was perhaps the most courageous thing I had chosen to do with my life with many people being sceptical and often with negative judgements of me receiving life coaching.I will be forever grateful for my younger self having the courage to follow intuition and commit to learning about love with Pete and Nikki. I am now in a totally different place. I enjoy a simple life and actually in the last 6 months have found more happiness and peace in doing less than I have ever done before. I have become the person I knew I could be but never knew how. It isn’t all roses and there are still days when I feel emotional pain however I have now had enough experience to trust it will pass and I have the tools to help me through it too.I would highly recommend anyone doing whatever they can to learn about healing emotional pain, learning about the power of unconditional love and I would say with absolute certainty that Pete and Nikki are able to help with sincere and trustworthy hearts. You are worth any potential risks you feel you face!”R.H

The magic our marriage needed

“My wife and I found your website about 3 years ago and since then we have learned so much more about love than we thought it was possible to know. We thought you just felt it. Or not, in our case. But that’s not true at all and making the one time decision to learn to love my wife more each day has been the magic our marriage needed.

Thank you Pete, without all this we wouldn’t still be together and loving life like this. “

Fundamentally changed as a person

“Thanks Pete, you’ve been my rock through some pretty tough times. I’m happy to say I’m floating on much calmer waters nowadays because of what I’ve learned and I’m fundamentally changed as a person for the better.”


I have learned how to handle this situation

“Thank you Pete and Nikki, I just love the way you put things into perspective! I have learned how to handle this situation, get past and over it quicker from you than the marriage counseling classes we attended.  Thank God for you both. ”