Pete Uglow Costs

“My husband’s infidelity rocked my world. I have never felt so alone, so unwanted or so unattractive in my life. My family and my friends kept telling me what a useless man I had married and that I deserved more, but it didn’t help. In fact it made things worse!

But with Pete’s help I have learned that I do matter and because I now know that, I have been able to learn how to help my husband feel important too. The changes have been truly amazing. I absolutely know that he will never be unfaithful to me again and words can’t convey this feeling. Our world is now understandable and we have a blueprint for our relationship going forwards. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
“I cannot stress this enough… Don’t let a little thing like money stand in the way of your happiness. This program is the best investment you will ever make and you are worth it! Because of this program I now know that I am worth it and that feels amazing!”

“My husband and I have completed the bonus week 7 of the programme and I cannot commend it enough! I have learnt so much about myself. I have been taken on a journey of self-discovery. I understand my learnt behaviours, expectations, assumptions and judgements. I always knew I was critical of others and self but now understand the reasons for this. I always knew I could be selfish and my eyes have opened to just how much. My lack and emotional emptiness was a major contributor.

Pete made a statement early in the programme which I could not initially get my head around. He stated that ‘your spouse’s/partner’s affair is not what is causing your pain’. I have actually discovered that it is the lack of unconditional love and negative experiences in childhood that’s the cause. Whenever I feel insecure, hurt, rejected, abandoned the pain of the past floods back followed by the voice  “You are not good enough”
My pain existed long before my husband came along. It was just pushed down and covered over.
Thanks to this programme I now know I matter to others. I am loved and I can freely love others. Regardless of my weight, intelligence, personality, earning potential, size of my home I am just as important as the next person.
So, thank you Pete (and Nikki). No doubt I will go through the programme again and again as well as join the coaching calls.
I intend to live life; to laugh, cry, feel, touch. I intend to love my family as I ought to. I intend to forgive myself for my past selfishness, for withholding love because I did not have it to give and for whatever mistakes I make in the future.😀 “



“Once in a while, just when your world seems dark and unfathomable, someone shines a light in a way that changes everything. You did that for me Pete and I’ll be forever grateful!”