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“My name is Pete Uglow and along with my wife Nikki, I help married couples who are dealing with the pain and betrayal of infidelity to understand what went  wrong and build an affair-proof  marriage for the future.  I teach them about the phenomenal healing power of true unconditional love, which is the kind of love we all long for.”

In this FREE VIDEO I reveal:


  • Why husbands and wives cheat on their partners – The REAL reason for infidelity (yes there is only one and you need to know this!)
  • Why infidelity is so painful – The Initial discovery trauma and subsequent PTSD are not the whole story.
  • How you can learn valuable insights from three real life couples who dealt with the devastation that infidelity brought to their own marriages.
  • The three steps you can take right now which will eliminate your pain and dramatically increase the odds of your relationship being one of the successful ones.


Pete Uglow has found a remarkable ability to help couples in situations of crisis or continued conflict within their marriage. A former Police Officer and Business Owner, he has retrained as a relationship-coach and together with Nikki Uglow, runs a private coaching company and growing community of people who are passionate about making the institute of marriage, a blessing in peoples lives rather than a burden or battle field.

Pete and Nikki Uglow understand the hardships that come with an affair. Through their personable approach, Pete and Nikki Uglow have been able to help hundreds of couples turn marriages on the brink of divorce or separation into flourishing connecting and loving relationships. Even for those who aren’t facing crisis within their marriage, Pete and Nikki Uglow can still teach individuals best practices for their relationships. Through workshops, seminars, and both online and offline courses, Pete and Nikki Uglow can help you understand the significance of unconditional love.

“Pete & Nikki Uglow are amongst the most genuine, sincere and “from the heart” people that I know. They are probably also amongst the most skilled and experienced people in the world, that are able to help anyone with communication, emotional, or relationship issues. They will help you easily cut through the pain and get the results that you are after with yourself and others. Let them help you.”


“I’m not really a testimonial writer. I would usually only be inspired to write if I was particularly unhappy about something, but in this case I am so very impressed, not to mention relieved and hopeful, that I felt compelled to share.
My husband and I were struggling and it looked like the end of the road for our marriage when we found the website. I really liked what I heard when I spoke with Pete and he took the time to reassure my husband that a three day intervention wouldn’t be the excruciating experience he feared. And it wasn’t. Not at all. Pete made us both feel understood and cared for, before gently guiding us towards the prospect of a happier infidelity-free future together. I left floating on cloud nine.”


“My wife and I discovered Pete at probably the lowest point of our marriage, but I now look back on that time as being the turning point of our entire lives. My wife was clearly telling me how unloved she felt by the behaviours she was exhibiting and in my own unloved state I chose to feel hurt and angry. 

Pete helped us see what we were doing to each other and that in trying to ‘get’ love from each other and elsewhere, we were only succeeding in driving the real thing away. 

We have had to relearn our whole view of the world, of what people’s behaviours are telling us and how our own behaviour gives away our emptiness. It has created an amazing bond between my wife and I and it has been a completely life changing experience.”


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My Marriage Has Been A Lie

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When Sex Is Not The Answer

I believed then that LOVE = SEX 

Many men (& some women) do. I genuinely believed that if I could get enough sex with Nikki, I would get rid of that emptiness and that was what I was craving. 

And naturally…. Nikki felt used by me and therefore sex was not something she willingly offered. 
It was a situation that meant I felt JUSTIFIED in going elsewhere for what I needed.

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